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At the forefront of FoodTech Innovation.

I am currently working for an alternative protein company based in Singapore called Shiok Meats. We use cellular agriculture technology to develop seafood and meats from stem cells. 

Shiok Meats_Shrimp Dumpling 2021.png

Science to Reality

Shiok Meats has showcased three prototypes of cultivated seafood dishes with shrimp, lobster, and crab. I work as part of the leadership team on turning this R&D gem into a viable, large-scale food alternative. 



Why this?


Ocean biodiversity is in peril; traditional food supply chains are threatened by pandemics and market fluctuations; we will be 10 billion in population by 2050. By choosing Shiok Meats, I have chosen a way to bring security to the future of food. 

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