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EdTech Advisory Projects

Independent Consulting for K-12 Educators

Image by Luke Chesser
Image by Tyler Nix
Image by Matthew LeJune
Image by Mika Baumeister

Sports for Tomorrow 2019-2020

Designed tech-enabled experience strategy for International Tournaments and Competitions catering to  K-12 participants and audience.

Currently working on an advisory project to help K-12 health and physical education teachers use technology to teach and assess essential health skills like advocacy and promotion focused on mental health, mindfulness, sex, and safety. 

Designing a Skills-based Health
Education Curriculum 2020

Education 2018

Incorporation of technology while designing lesson plans for PE curriculum centered around the standards listed by National Association of Sport and Physical Education.

Technology Classrooms 2018

Structured a yearly unit plan for Classroom 2.0 with the objective of equipping educators with child-safe technology applications and services. 

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